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    • SAMO has delivered high quality engineers that always show up and always deliver. I have used their services for 3 different companies now, and will continue to do so for any future endeavors as well.

      Senior Product Manager at Fanfix
    • SAMO matches great engineering talent with the right companies. Cisco and the SAMO team are thoughtful about finding the right match for your business and bringing in talent that can make a difference.

      Co-founder at Sparket
      Evan F.
    • SAMO helped us get out of a really bad developer situation. As a new startup, we were working with a development group that was delivering really low quality product at an extremely high cost. Cisco and Dmitry diagnosed what we needed and immediately helped us switch over to a new development resource. What initially was taking over a year to build an MVP, we were able to build and release in 3 months with the developer SAMO found for us. This swift progress helped us get into the Snap Inc. accelerator here in Southern California.

      CEO and co-founder of Popcrn
      Allan Muteti
    • I recently had the pleasure of working with SAMO Technologies LLC on a project that required expertise in Go microservices design and Go coding standards. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, their team demonstrated exceptional professionalism and technical prowess. Their deep understanding of Go microservices architecture was evident in the efficient, scalable, and maintainable solutions they provided. They meticulously designed each microservice to ensure optimal performance and seamless integration. Moreover, their adherence to industry best practices for Go coding standards greatly enhanced the code quality, making it clean, readable, and easy to maintain. The collaborative approach taken by SAMO Technologies LLC fostered a productive working relationship, and their proactive communication ensured that all my requirements were met promptly and effectively. I highly recommend SAMO Technologies LLC to anyone in need of top-tier software development services, particularly in Go programming

      Principal Cloud Engineer and Founder of HazelOps
      Dmitry Kireev